At our core, we believe people should have the opportunity
to pursue an exciting life. 


Whatever that may be for you, one thing is for sure: You are going to need TIME and MONEY... on your own terms.

We also believe the best shot to get that opportunity is to build a low-maintenance business that supports your lifestyle, commonly called a Muse.

And that's where Amazon comes in.

Without a doubt, selling on Amazon is one of the most legitimate Muse opportunities in the market today… which is why our sole mission is to empower Amazon sellers to build their own ideal lifestyle business.


Where we fit into the big picture


Every small business has 4 major domains:

  1. Leadership - This domain is all about directing the company with a vision and implementing strategies to achieve that vision.
  2. Business Development - All the roles in this domain are about positioning the company to acquire customers, in short: bringing money into the business
  3. Finances - This corner of the business is all about tracking, protecting, and utilizing well the money that has come into the business.
  4. Operations - Here is the core of the business, where you support and deliver the products and services that make your business valuable.

MuseMinded is all about helping Amazon sellers conquer the Finances domain of their business through automated and outsourced accounting.


How we systematically help you conquer finances

A note from the founder


Hi there, welcome to MuseMinded! 

I started this company because I’m passionate about options. I wanted the opportunity to provide for my family AND watch my little boy grow up right before my eyes. After a series of early career setbacks, I realized I couldn't have both working a desk job in an office across town. 

Through providence, hard work, and a few spoonfuls of courage, I can proudly say that I'm on my way to building my dream life by helping my clients build theirs. Of course, I have a ways to go and room to improve, but that’s why it's called journey, right?

Read more about my story here.



What our clients think

Our tax accountants were very pleased with the books this year and complimented that it was very easy to extract all the needed information for tax filings. I think their services really took good control over one side of our business. I highly recommend them.

Mark H. - Private Label Seller (Florida)

Dan D..png

I am a disaster in communication but he just seems to know how I want to book expenses. Stuff is 99.999% done right the first time. He also keeps me out of trouble when I want to book expenses but may get questioned in an audit. Really easy to work with.

Dan D. - Private Label Seller (Colorado)

Davidson H..png

Thanks very much for all your help so far with the accounting. Your guidance has been greatly appreciated, and I really feel like I'm running a business in a more professional manner.

Davidson H. - Private Label Seller (Florida)


Ready to take your Amazon Finances to the next level?