If you’re looking to lay a good foundation and get set up on on a solid accounting system, there’s no better platform than Xero (more on our favorite technology here).

During this Phase 1 service, I will:

  • Create and optimize your Xero account for Amazon
  • Import a chart of accounts specifically built for Amazon sellers
  • Connect the automatic feeds for your bank accounts
  • Import up to 12 months of historical data into Xero
  • Integrate Seller Central with Xero via the A2X Accounting plugin

In summary, you will receive a high-powered accounting system, customized specifically for Amazon. With this in place, you will be on a sure path to conquering your financial data. 

Normally, a setup of this nature starts at $499 and may increase depending on the complexity of your business.

For more info on how to get started, you can take our 5-minute online needs assessment.

Tip: If this service is valuable to you, but you are not yet able to afford it, I'd recommend checking out my setup course, where I walk you step-by-step through the exact system and process that I use for my clients.