Hi there!

Welcome to the MuseMinded orientation process. I absolutely LOVE working with Amazon sellers to achieve their lifestyle dreams, and I'm excited about the prospect of working with you. 

The first thing I'd like you to know is that there is a very intentional purpose behind this discovery process. From top to bottom, every aspect of the firm is wrapped around helping a very specific type of client. And in the same way that you want to work with a high quality accountant who understands your business, I want to work with sellers who are perfectly positioned for my unique services.

I am in business because I believe people should have the opportunity to pursue the life that excites them…And whatever that may be for you, you’re going to need TIME and you’re going to need MONEY. So my mission as a firm is to help a select group of Amazon sellers build their lifestyle business.

How I aim to accomplish that mission is through intentionally-designed accounting services.
The initial stages of my services are designed specifically to put time back into your life, so you can more effectively scale the business. The secondary stages of my services are built around managing well the finances that you are bringing in, so you can begin living your dream lifestyle.

Assuming that this mission resonates with you, you'll start by completing the discovery assessment below this note. Estimated completion time is 25 minutes.

Your sincere answers will help me accomplish three things:

  1. Determine Fit - From experience, I expect about half of the people who go through this process to not be the right fit, and that’s okay. If we end up not working together, then answering the following questions will give me a great idea on the best person in my network to connect you with. 
  2. Custom Proposal - Because every potential client’s situation is a little different, several questions listed will help me customize a proposal built specifically for your situation.
  3. Speed up Onboarding - Should I determine that there is a good fit, and you accept my proposal, then completing this package will give me the essential information needed to start immediately.

So, in summary, thank you for your interest and your candid responses. I look forward to learning about you and potentially beginning a great relationship.