When scaling your business becomes a primary objective, it becomes necessary to stay laser focused on the core activities that will grow your business. That's when it makes great sense to outsource the day-to-day management of the accounting system.

This Phase 2 service includes on a monthly basis:

  • Categorizing all the transactions in your financial accounts
  • Ensuring your books match your bank records perfectly
  • Integrating Seller Central (and other sales channels) with Xero
  • Simple end-of-month adjustment for inventory sold
  • An optional 30-minute review of your financial performance

In summary, you will receive accurate, timely financial data delivered to you every single month. This is where most sellers go from feeling overwhelmed and disorganized to feeling confident because they finally have some clarity into their business' performance.

To outsource your bookkeeping to a certified accountant, most sellers should expect to pay between $400 - $800 per month depending on the size and complexity of their business.